10 Bitcoin (BTC) Mining Operations Shut Down In Indonesia
10 Bitcoin (BTC) Mining Operations Shut Down In Indonesia

10 Bitcoin (BTC) Mining Operations Shut Down In Indonesia

Indonesian police reportedly shut down ten mining operations, confiscating 1,314 Bitcoin machines, electrical cables, and various computer parts.

The North Sumatra Police Force reportedly dismantled bitcoin mining operations in ten locations in Indonesia.

26 People Arrested

According to a local report, Indonesian police shut down almost ten Bitcoin mining operations and accused its organizers of nearly $1 million in electricity theft.

“Yesterday, we took action related to electricity theft. We took action against this theft at 10 points where we know that the stolen electricity was used to power the bitcoin machine.”

According to Agung, the perpetrators stole electricity from state-owned PNL poles, and it is estimated the theft occurred during the last six months.

“This mode is neat, because then as we can see here, this is the box, the PLN box, but then the electricity flow in it is not the electricity that should go into the box and is counted with a meter. Then what they take is “the one above that, where electricity is taken directly from the pole and channeled inside,” he explained.

Unclear Whether Same Perpetrator Controlled Sites

According to former Riau Police Chief, 26 people were arrested but did not disclose the legal status of those apprehended. The former police chief did not divulge information about whether the 10 locations where the electricity theft took place were controlled by the same perpetrator, adding that this is still under investigation. He said:

“Later, we will delve into the investigation process. We will construct the law and determine who the suspect will be after the evidence and examination are completed.”

At the ten sites raided, authorities found 1,314 bitcoin rigs, 11 computer CPU units, laptops, and other evidence.

Electricity theft is a criminal offense in Indonesia, and the former Chief said his party would take action against those involved. He further said:

“We are committed, PLN and the National Police will take action against anyone involved in this electricity theft case, everyone is equal in the eyes of the law. Please take time for this process because this is related to the Electricity Law which we apply in Article 51 of Law number 30 of 2009.”


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